The causes of Tudor Rebellions from 1485-1601

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Geraldine Rebellion 1565-83

Fitzgerald returned from abroad and raised Irish rebels in protest at Elizabeth’s religious and political policies.
The rebellion lasted for five years even though Fitzgerald was killed within weeks of its start. On his death Desmond continued the rebellion. He received aid from Italian and Spanish troops at Smerwick. He was eventually rounded up by an English army led by Lord Wilton. His army was more than capable to solving the Geraldine rebellion and shows that the government had put their mind to solving the Irish problem. Desmond was executed.
From time to time rebellions in Ireland could be a security risk but they never presented a serious challenge to English rule and domestic troubles and foreign wars were always given priority. The Tudors however, increasingly struggled to suppress disturbances in Ireland.
Cost Elizabeth £ 254,000

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